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Commercial Lifts

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The Infinity Elevator – An economic alternative to our Gearless version

As well as our range of Residential Lifts, we also offer commercial elevator solutions. If you’re after commercial lifts in Melbourne or Sydney, the Infinity 010 is the range for you. Designed and engineered in Europe, these lifts have been built to the highest quality standards and using the latest technology to give them unrivalled safety standards. Every Infinity010 is designed and built to meet strict AS1735 and EN81 lift codes and building safety guidelines. The Infinity commercial elevator range also offers solutions for disabled access lifts, the best on offer in the Melbourne and Sydney area.

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The Infinity 010 Commercial Lifts

Designed and engineered in Europe, our Infinity010 Commercial Lifts have been built to the highest possible standards using the latest and greatest technologies technology to provide unrivalled standards in form, build quality and safety. They come in two models – gearless and hydraulic.


At Next Level Elevators, we offer the gearless/traction model with machine room less as standard. The control panel can be located on any level, situated anywhere on the landing adjacent to the lift shaft.

The lift control panel has a VVF (Frequency Changer) as it is a speed regulation system. It reduces energy consumption, acoustic pollution, vibration, greater comfort and more precise levelling. The Infinity010 also comes with a fully electronic rescue system (UPS), which automatically directs the elevator to the closest stop and opens the doors, allowing for quick evacuation in case of breakdown or electric supply failure.


Our hydraulic Infinty010 commercial lifts are partial machine room-less, with a horizontal power unit and control panel positioned within a compact cabinet. This can be situated anywhere on the landing adjacent to the lift shaft within 12 metres.

Commercial Lifts

This model is an economic alternative to our Gearless version.


  • Fully automatic
  • Available DDA compliant
  • 450mm pit
  • 2800mm headroom
  • Up to 17 metres travel

  • Up to 630kg payload (8 people)
  • Various car configurations available
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • No machine room
  • Very competitive price

  • Eco fluids can be used

  • Extensive range of features

  • High ride performance
  • Gradual and undetected acceleration and deceleration
  • Accurate floor levelling with no vibration
  • Reduction in power requirements
  • Greatly reduced noise levels
  • Power failure back-up system

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