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Eltec HLB Home Lift

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Introducing the Eltec Home Lift

The Eltec HLB home lift is the latest in Italian style and technology. This electric belt drive lift is the future of home lifts. The quiet and smooth ride is no competition for other home lift company’s hydraulic lifts.

The technology used in this lift is the same as in shopping centres and airports. From a reliability, economical and service standpoint you really do not want to be looking past the Eltec HLB Home Lift.

These home lifts are designed and built to meet strict AS1735 and EN81 lift codes and building safety guidelines. Any size home can have one of the innovative designed electric home elevators, with a higher capacity of up to 385kg and travel capabilities up to 12 metres.

If you are looking to add a touch of class, functionality and value to your property. Then this home lift is the choice for you. A Residential lift that greatly improves the value of your home whilst adding improved accessibility.

Major Benefits and Huge Cost Savings are:

  • Cabin totally customisable to your style.
  • Installation usually takes 5-7 days.

  • The lift will add value to your home.

  • Eco-friendly, fully electric, cost saving, and economic Home Lift

  • Covered by a 24-hour monitored support service

  • Maintenance is extremely low and cost effective.

  • All of our elevators are approved by and registered with the relevant State authorities.

  • Only requires a 180mm pit or a ramp

  • Only requires a 2520mm Headroom.

  • Shaft & Cabin sizes can change by as little as 50mm.

Eltec Lift Technical Specifications:

Drive VVVF Electric Belt Drive Lift.
Configuration Single Entry, Adjacent & Through car options available.
Capacity 250KG to 400KG
Landing Door Specification 700-900mm wide, powder coated, aluminium framed swing doors, with a translucent glass panoramic panel, with hydraulic or powered door operation.
700-900mm wide, powder coated, aluminium framed, centre opening swing doors, with a translucent glass panoramic panel, with powered door operation.
700-900mm wide stainless steel or glass sliding doors with fully automatic, powered door opening system.
Operation Fully Automatic
Installation Subject to individual site conditions. Usually 5-7 days by our qualified technicians.
Shaft One structural wall required OR speak to our sales team to discuss our beautifully designed glass and aluminium shafts
Headroom Minimum 2520mm from top floor landing.
Pit 180mm pit or alternatively a step up or ramp can be fitted.
Car Dimension’s To be confirmed by customer, lift car size customisable to 50mm.
Control Operating Panel Anodized aluminium car operating panel new “Mekano” finishing available (metalized and micaceous effect). Located centrally on side wall containing LED illuminated destination buttons, key switch and acoustic alarm button.
Entrance Security Full Height infrared light curtain across entrance. Lift will stop immediately if the light curtain is broken.
Power Supply 240V single phase/16A dedicated MCB
Machine Room No machine room required, revolutionary technology means all workings contained within lift housing.
Battery Backup Lift can be lowered to the ground floor in the event of a power failure and doors will be released
Additional Safety Features Telephone with 24 hour monitored emergency line, emergency lowering device, interlocking doors safety circuit, key switch, over and under travel protection safety switches, car overload weight limit sensor, over speed governor detection, and out of balance sensors.
Compliance Australian Standards 1735.18
Warranty Packages available
Speed 0.3 Metres per second
Number of landings Lift can travel up to 5 stops
Country of Manufacture Italy
Options Available Wide variety of internal cabin walls, floor finishes, shaft, landing and car doors to match your décor.

Can be ‘finished’ to your choice including:

  • Car can be configured with single car, adjacent car and through car entry points.
  • A wide range of elegant wall panels.
  • Variety of floor finishes.
  • Mirror option.
  • Choice of doors.
  • Choice of lighting.
  • Style of handrail.
  • Style of control panel.
  • Sliding or swing landing doors

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